D&G 3 L'imperatrice

Wow I am obsessed with this smell, I purchased this only yesterday and I'm loving it!

This is one of five scents that Dolce & Gabbana launched back in 2009, that were inspired by celebrities. This particular one is advertised by Naomi Campbell, but for me this scent has nothing that could remind her. As by the bottle it could seem that the scent is very grown up, but it's so juicy and childish that I think of huge green fields and gummy bears :)) This remembers me of fruity sweets that I used to eat when I was a little girl a lot. Only one downside is that the scent does not stay for a long time on the skin, but for me the scent redeem this weakness. And the bottle is huge- 100ml should last quite a long time.

Top notes : rhubarb, red currant, juicy kiwi accord. Heart notes: pink cyclamen, fresh watermelon accord. Base notes: musky notes, sandalwood, grapefruit wood.

It is so delicious that i could eat it!


Little bit of everything haul

As the weather is warmer and warmer the need to look prettier gets bigger and bigger...

I'm now tanned quite a bit in comparison with how pale my skin looks in the winter time, so I needed a new, darker foundation, suitable for hot weather. I've herd that Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ foundation works wonders for combination to oily skin, so I picked up this in number 45. It is still slightly dark for me, but I will get to that shade! I like the formulation, how it applies and how it looks like. This even might become my most loved foundation!

I didn't need another bronzer in my collection. But bronzer that smells like chocolate I definitely needed!.. This Too Faced Chocolate Soleil matte bronzing powder as well looked like a nice color and it truly is. And it has real cocoa! How cool is that? :))

With my new face make up routine follows new concealer from Inglot. It is called Corrective Illuminator and the shade is 55 (I think because it's the only number or name I was able to find). It does brighten up my under eye are, and because ot it's yellow tone it counteracts darkness, but it's so light that I doubt if it would cower really bad under eye circles. And I don't like how you can't see how much product you have left in that black packaging.

And brushes. I love brushes. Inglot 10S is a tapered brush with long bristles, that are not fluffy as the most blending brushes are, so it works for precised work in the eye crease. It's not a must have, but an interesting addition.
Also I picked up Inglot 22T concealer brush only because I needed one and well.. it does it's job. What else could you expect from the concealer brush, right?
Yeah, I know how I have written about cannot find MAC brushes in my country, but after trying them out I intensified MAC products search and discovered a little beauty salon, that has a tiny amount of MAC stuff. Like so tiny that they had only four different brushes, so I grabbed MAC 217 and I'm wowed how it does everything for my eye look. This by itself could be enough for the whole eye make up!

First item is called Velvet Touch eye primer. It is so new that I could not even find it in their website. I think it is made to even out lines under the eyes, because it has that silicon feel to it, but I could be wrong. Hope to get more information about that.

About High Gloss Lipstick I have talked earlier. This color is quite dark and strong. It looks best when I'm only wearing some foundation and maybe mascara. With more make up it would be too much. I have heard that these High Gloss lipsticks are made exceptionally for few European countries. This could be the same with the eye primer.

Amazing Lengen' Build mascara in Black is still not opened, because I have to finish few others, so I can not tell much about it, but I have hight expectations with this.

And the last Gosh product is Effect Powder, which is basically a pigment. The color does not look that flattering on the screen but it's nice for neutral bronzed looks, because it has golden flecks in it.

I could not resist getting another Inglot eye shadow palette.. The feeling of picking up colors glamors me.
This time much more colorful view outside (green trees in bloom, colorful flowers, fresh grass) made me want bright colors.

I'm planning on getting neutral colors palette someday, because I like these Inglot eye shadow palettes a lot.

And finally, I got some fragrances perfect for heating weather.

Puma "Aqua" eau de toilette is a sweet fruity, but not too strong scent. It includes of apple, strawberry, lime, white peach, water hyacinth, patchouli and sandalwood. This thought does stay on me for only few hours at most.

DKNY eau de parfum "Be delicious" is light and fresh scented. It combines the scent of apple with a blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods. I definitely can smell a green apple just picked off a tree and a little bit of a cucumber in this and I love it. And the scent stays all day long!
And with this I got gift with purchase travel sized kit with the same smelling shower gel, body lotion and perfume spray. Good deal, right?


My first MAC brushes!

Since we don't have any MAC stores and their site does not ship here either (what makes me wanna cry), I am not able to buy them directly. Of course there is always an option to get those on e-bay but I'm too afraid to get a fake, or there is an opportunity that I will get a product and will not know if it's fake or not (because I can not compare it with original) so this would probably drive me crazy.

The only way to get MAC stuff is wait till someone (well ok, or myself) will go to other country and buy them for me. And finally my plan and hopes succeeded! As I had to pick up only few items this had to be brushes :) My mini list of four brushes became only two because they didn't have full stock. I'm very glad to represent two MAC brushes that came from Turkey, Istanbul, which I LOOOOVE!

So I got these ones:

MAC 109
Oh my gosh this is perfect for everything!
I've tried it with foundation, blush, contouring, highlighting... Perfect job!
As I'm too afraid it will start shedding too much (and there are lots of reviews, that says it does tend to) so my decision to use this brush for contouring. And it works wonders!

And the second one is for eyes:
MAC 219
I was in a hunt of a good quality pencil brush for ever. And all I have tried before this, did not work as I would like it to do. The brushes were too long, too short, it was too fluffy... But this is it! It is a bit pokey but it is the reason why it works so brilliantly! I use this for smudging eyeliner, putting color under my lower lash line or even for precision work on the outer corner!

Now I cannot wait till someone will go abroad again :))

Thank you JZ, that you did such a favor for me!


Lipstick Haul

I have always used lip glosses and hadn't had any of lipsticks, but for some reason now I'm very into lipsticks.. Maybe I'm getting more grown up? :)) I guess, I just wanted something that would stay a little bit longer on the lips, and lip glosses does not. So I had to collect some.
I don't really see the point
of buying horribly expensive lipsticks as well as lip glosses so I walked to the closest drugstore I have.

Whereas I have an old sympathy for brand called Gosh, this was the first stand I checked. And of course, one of those "oh so famous" drugstore nude lipsticks in 134 Darling was a sin not to get as well as two others Gosh lipsticks in 001 Light Coral and 005 Peach, because they scream spring and summer to me.

I think I do not need to tell about the Darling lipstick much, it's just a very nice light pinkish nude. You can get a very opaque coverage with this is you want to, but I tend to put a light layer, just lighten my lips a bit and it looks good with almost every make up. I would go heavier only if I had a dark dramatic eye make up, because otherwise it might wash me out. The other two lipsticks are from the different line, called High Gloss, so they have a very glossy finish. All these lipsticks have creamy feeling and are very pigmented. The biggest difference is that the High Gloss lipsticks feels very moisturizing, that I could not say about the Darling.

There also was another brand called Catrice that has some nice stuff too. This brand I believe is only available in Europe, the price of the products are very affordable and the quality isn't bad at all. So there was two limited collections called Nude Sensation, which is an older one and the Pastel Delight just launches recently. Both collections has very nice eye shadows and blushes but lipsticks was my goal.

So I got all colors from the Nude Sensation collection. I wouldn't call those colors nude, except maybe the brownish one, but those are definitely very pretty. Soft Coral is too light for my licking so I pair it with some lip gloss, and other two are very wearable colors, about you don't have think too much how to wear it. Nude Brown looks very dark in the packaging and pictures, but actually it is not, it gives that "like your lips but better" look :)

The Pastel Delight collection I probably would have passed, even though it's very pretty as well, but I just couldn't resist the packaging... I love how colorful they are! So I got two of three colors, because the third one is just too bright for me. First one is sheer but you can build it up a little bit, and the second is super pigmented! They feels like a lip balm on the lips! I love it :)

Now I am stocked up with lip products for the whole spring and summer season!


Inglot Haul

Lately there are a lot of talking going out about this relatively new Polish brand called Inglot. I have already tried some of their products like concealers, brow stuff, brush cleanser and I also have few their brushes, witch I like a lot. And after some thinking and researches I decided to check Inglot eye shadows and blushes too.

Inglot has an amazing freedom system. You can pick whatever shades you you like (from concealers, lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, eyebrow waxes and powders and pressed face powders) and put it all in palettes. You can choose to get rounded or square eye shadows and the palettes sizes also vary.

I end up getting 10 eye shadow and 4 blushes palettes.

They both has plastic lids that slides off when you want to open it. There are built in magnets that holds top pretty securely and when you want to close it, the lid somehow always snaps into the right place. You can also put all palettes one on the other and the magnets holds them very well.
Sadly they do not name their products, so colors has just numbers and because palettes were put straight after colors were picked, I don;t know their numbers. Maybe it is possible to take pans of the palette, but magnets are so strong, that I'm too afraid to ruin my products.

Colors are pretty much true to the photos, it's just they look kind of washed out because of my crappy camera.

I got various eye shadows finishes, some are mattes, some has glitters and others pearly. The best pigmented ones are matte shadows, but others are very nice quality as well. They all do last a very long time on the lid (I'm always using primer although) and they blend quite well.

First one blush is shimmery and other three are matte. They are as soft and bendable as a dream and I love the colors. They shouldn't be used with heavy hand, because it's easy to put too much. One little downside is that both eyeshadow and blushers that are matte or glittery are just a bit dusty, but for me it is not a problem.

Overall I love the color selection, and would love to get some more :)


My first make up train case!

I got my early birthday present today!!! The make up train case was something I have wanted for a long time, so I'm super excited to get this from my parents :)

This nice guy has aluminum frame, so it's actually a little heavy, but that's why it is sturdy enough. I would say that the size is medium, and could be used professional, if needed (hope it will be someday!!!), but not too big for my current needs. It looks as sleek as a metal case can be and has a plastic black handle on top. The locks, based in the sides of handle, will increase my make up safety in the trip, cause it avoids risk of accidentally opening, and also as I have a little cute niece, who will be interested in make up pretty soon, so she might attempt to make a tornado in there :))

There is an option to use the train case with a strap, that attaches on the sides, or you can take them off if you don't like it. Maybe if I needed to carry it for a longer time with me, I would probably use the strap, and carry it on the shoulder.
Inside there are two rows of drawers, that slides on the both sides and is made from black sturdy plastic. The little pieces made to separate drawers are removable and adjustable the way you need to, so for example, you can leave a little bit longer space for eye pencils and shorter for loose eye shadows and vice versa. The bottom drawer has also variable stoppers, but the material is gray and a little bit softer than the black plastic. It will be ideal to put make up palettes there, so if it would be very shaky or something, the material would help product from crashing.

I still have to figure out the best way to put everything in it's place, to be the most comfortable for using, so I am going to play with it for a while :)

Review: Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner

Usually I use simple shampoo and conditioner from any drugstore, and don't like to spend a lot for that kind of products. I mean, I'd better buy more expensive hair mask or serum, than a shampoo. Actually I haven't found any favorites yet, well maybe my Tresemme hair care worked the best for me so far.

So about two weeks ago, I was visiting annual exhibition of beauty products and services called "Cinderella" which took part in Vilnius city, Lithuania. There were a lot of make up products as well as hair stuff. And how can you not buy anything in that kind of exhibition, huh? I grabbed few make up products, but what mostly caught my eye was huge exhibition stand with lots of hair stuff like Tigi, Joico, Catwalk and others. I was almost decided to grab some shampoo from Tigi, when the sales lady introduced me with amazing deal- a set of Joico Moisture Recovery shampoo & conditioner with 50% off, and the set itself was like only one product worth price, so I couldn't resist :)

Note on the box says: the increasingly popular Moisture Recovery Conditioner from Joico was honored as winner in the Favorite Conditioner category. As part of the Moisture Recovery collection, this conditioning formula has emerged and come up as the favorite formula for dry hair. The technology advanced conditioner contains Hydramine Sea Complex, Quadramine Complex and jojoba oil to provide the ultimate in moisture replenishment. Dry standards are revitalized and restored to a beautifully hydrated, smooth and manageable state with increased elasticity. For some strange reason, there were nothing said about shampoo... Oh well, what can you do, right?


I have a long curly hair with very dry ends and my roots tend to get oily in two days, so I need a shampoo that would get rid of oiliness and a very good moisturizer.

Joico shampoo does not leather too much, but just enough to give a good cleanse. It seems that it doesn't dry out the hair, and supposedly it should moisturize. Although with conditioner I feel like I need lots of it, because it has a thin consistency and it does not make my hair as sleek as I want it to be. And I am sure that I will run out of conditioner while I'll still have lots of shampoo left. Furthermore I don't feel that my hair looks very healthy or shiny after they are dried. I like the smell of shampoo, but the conditioner is a little bit too sweet, but the smell goes away when you rinse it off. I find it a bit difficult to get some conditioner from the bottle when it is used some times and the bottle is not full. Overall, I will use it up, but never buy again.


Review: Givenchy Prisme Libre

To start with, I have to mention, that I have this loose powder for quite some time, and when I bought it I was probably blinded by it's beautiful look, because it is soooo expensive.
The packaging says "loose powder quartet air sensation". My shade is called Delicate Beige 2, and it is very light color (actually it's a bit too pale for me so that's a bummer). You get 20 grams product, which is a lot of powder and it lasts for ever.
The smell is light and pleasant, and it's gone straight after you apply it.
Each packaging of powder comes with four colors (mine comes with light beige, pink, very light purple and very light peachy color) and each of them are hold separated and with their own sifters. This is great and unique packaging, but most of the time when I use it, pink colored powder always gets more that others and it end up looking little bit too pink. It's also not that convenient, if you want to apply it not with sponge, but with powder brush, because when you put powder on the lid, you get separate colors in different amount, so the color always differ.

Apart of the packaging, it is a very sheer, lightweight, matte powder, so it does not give any coverage. Givenchy website says that it has two unique ingredients (Copolymers- microspheres filled with air which are like bubbles on the surface of the skin and Particles of titanium- 1000 times smaller than those usually used in classic loose powders) which is used to give you a very light and transparent finish, what it really does. Sometimes I try to use this on my bare skin only with some concealer, if my skin is in it's best condition (I mean without too visible imperfections), just to brighten up my face. Most of the time I need coverage and used with liquid foundation Givenchy loose powder does a great job setting it and absorbing the oils. This powder does not settle into fine lines or cake and also makes my large pores look smaller and skin look more even. Sometimes it looks a bit powdery after using it but after few minutes when it mixes with natural skin oils you cant see it at all.
All in all, the packaging and color could have worked better for me, but I still like the product and I'll continue using it.


Who loves brushes?!

My friend took a picture of my obsession :)

NOTE: I just loved that picture :)


Review: Artdeco Eyeshadow Base

To start with, I need to mention, that I had quite some use from this stuff. Nothing ever helped for my eye shadows staying power before and I was so jealous when for others seemed to work only using foundation underneath or even nothing at all. While mine eye make up was always gone after hour or so. When I first heard of it, I was not into make up so much and the make up primer was new to me. For few first times I found it hard to work with and some other downsides, but well I have to say it kept my make up in place whatever I was doing for all day long. And it makes eye shadows little bit more vibrant.
So I got used to it and now it's like 3 or 4 years of using this. I have to say, that I have tried some other primers which let me down so why spend money for stuff that I will not use... Well ok, now I found some good ones too, but that happened only past few months, and I'm still loving Artdeco. It comes in black plastic 5 milliliter jar and is quite convenient, because you can get every last drop of that, but you need to stick your finger, which is not so much hygienic.

I would not use this with brush because I found out that it applies smoother when it's warmed up by body heat. And it's better to wait till it's dry before putting eye makeup, because it will blend more easily. You don't need to use a lot of the product. Believe me, if you will use too much it will crease.
Be sure that you closed the cap tightly because it could dry up quickly!

I can see why some people might not like this. It has pretty strong almost male perfume-ish smell, but it does not bather me. I don't imagine why it's scented like that, but when I apply it on my eyes I don't really feel the smell, actually when I was checking on the smell, I had to stick my nose to it, but well, you don't have to do that :)

Other weird thing is, that when you look in the jar it seems that there are quite some glitter. But I don't see them when the base is applied so that does not bather me also.
Looks like the base has nude tint, but when it's applied, it's translucent. I would prefer that this would flesh toned so it would conceal my eye lids.

Between other good quality eye shadow bases this one is cheapest I could find, so even I can't resist trying other ones, I will keep coming back to this one!


Make up& Hair products haul

Thing that I love about gift certificates is that you can let yourself buy not only what you really need, but also something that you have wanted or a long time but it just seemed too expensive for you. So when I got some time to do a little shopping I went straight to the make up store. I hesitated between ever get only two products witch I heard lots of good stuff about or to pick some blushers, eye shadows etc. This is what I end up getting:

Make Up For ever High Definition Microperfecting Primer
Make Up For ever High Definition Microfinish Powder

With all the buzz going on about HD make up, how could I resist? I also would like to try HD foundation from the same line, but it's quite expensive as well as these products, and I enjoy to try new, not expensive drugstore foundations too much that I could buy only one. There was just a bit money left from the gift certificates so I grabbed Too Faced "Shadow insurance".

This I am keeping unopened till I'll finish my Artdeco Eyeshadow base.

Accidentally I ran into the Maybelline stand in the department store and saw huge discounts so I grabbed foundation called "Affinitone" in shade 16 Vanilla Rose. The packaging says that it is perfecting & protecting foundation with vitamin E, perfect natural face tone hydrates and protects. The weather where I live is getting colder and colder and when you are going somewhere you can feel how your face is freezing, so maybe this will somehow help to protect.

Few weeks ago I had my hair cut (or actually only my split ends cut, but still..) and highlights done, so I also had to buy something for my hair. I saw an interesting product for volumising hair at the hairdresser's. It is called Keune "Root volumizer". It is with multi fruit complex, UV filter, provitamin B5, so I guess it's kind of good for your hair also. It says that it creates volume, lift and shine from the roots to the ends. And the second product I was recommended in the store- John Frieda "Frizz-ease" spray gel with thermo protection to create defined spirals. I have to say, this stuff works really quite well for me!

Well I satisfied my desire to shop for now :)