Review: Artdeco Eyeshadow Base

To start with, I need to mention, that I had quite some use from this stuff. Nothing ever helped for my eye shadows staying power before and I was so jealous when for others seemed to work only using foundation underneath or even nothing at all. While mine eye make up was always gone after hour or so. When I first heard of it, I was not into make up so much and the make up primer was new to me. For few first times I found it hard to work with and some other downsides, but well I have to say it kept my make up in place whatever I was doing for all day long. And it makes eye shadows little bit more vibrant.
So I got used to it and now it's like 3 or 4 years of using this. I have to say, that I have tried some other primers which let me down so why spend money for stuff that I will not use... Well ok, now I found some good ones too, but that happened only past few months, and I'm still loving Artdeco. It comes in black plastic 5 milliliter jar and is quite convenient, because you can get every last drop of that, but you need to stick your finger, which is not so much hygienic.

I would not use this with brush because I found out that it applies smoother when it's warmed up by body heat. And it's better to wait till it's dry before putting eye makeup, because it will blend more easily. You don't need to use a lot of the product. Believe me, if you will use too much it will crease.
Be sure that you closed the cap tightly because it could dry up quickly!

I can see why some people might not like this. It has pretty strong almost male perfume-ish smell, but it does not bather me. I don't imagine why it's scented like that, but when I apply it on my eyes I don't really feel the smell, actually when I was checking on the smell, I had to stick my nose to it, but well, you don't have to do that :)

Other weird thing is, that when you look in the jar it seems that there are quite some glitter. But I don't see them when the base is applied so that does not bather me also.
Looks like the base has nude tint, but when it's applied, it's translucent. I would prefer that this would flesh toned so it would conceal my eye lids.

Between other good quality eye shadow bases this one is cheapest I could find, so even I can't resist trying other ones, I will keep coming back to this one!


Make up& Hair products haul

Thing that I love about gift certificates is that you can let yourself buy not only what you really need, but also something that you have wanted or a long time but it just seemed too expensive for you. So when I got some time to do a little shopping I went straight to the make up store. I hesitated between ever get only two products witch I heard lots of good stuff about or to pick some blushers, eye shadows etc. This is what I end up getting:

Make Up For ever High Definition Microperfecting Primer
Make Up For ever High Definition Microfinish Powder

With all the buzz going on about HD make up, how could I resist? I also would like to try HD foundation from the same line, but it's quite expensive as well as these products, and I enjoy to try new, not expensive drugstore foundations too much that I could buy only one. There was just a bit money left from the gift certificates so I grabbed Too Faced "Shadow insurance".

This I am keeping unopened till I'll finish my Artdeco Eyeshadow base.

Accidentally I ran into the Maybelline stand in the department store and saw huge discounts so I grabbed foundation called "Affinitone" in shade 16 Vanilla Rose. The packaging says that it is perfecting & protecting foundation with vitamin E, perfect natural face tone hydrates and protects. The weather where I live is getting colder and colder and when you are going somewhere you can feel how your face is freezing, so maybe this will somehow help to protect.

Few weeks ago I had my hair cut (or actually only my split ends cut, but still..) and highlights done, so I also had to buy something for my hair. I saw an interesting product for volumising hair at the hairdresser's. It is called Keune "Root volumizer". It is with multi fruit complex, UV filter, provitamin B5, so I guess it's kind of good for your hair also. It says that it creates volume, lift and shine from the roots to the ends. And the second product I was recommended in the store- John Frieda "Frizz-ease" spray gel with thermo protection to create defined spirals. I have to say, this stuff works really quite well for me!

Well I satisfied my desire to shop for now :)