Korres Haul

Sometimes when you are looking for Christmas presents, you can bump into a huge problem...

You can find something that you have to have for yourself!

Let's start with the fact that
I promised myself not to buy anything from make up until Christmas.

One day I was looking for some Christmas presents. I wanted to buy blush for my mom so I just looked at every blush in the mall.
And than I saw Korres blush. It's not that it was something super amazing, but I just stood there and stared at it.
It was quite late so I bought my mom another present and came home. And could not forget about that product.

These few weeks was so hard for me, I was really exhausted and actually getting depressed, while I try to be optimistic all the time, that I realized that I can reward myself. So this is with what I came back today from the store:

Korres Pomegranate moisturising cream-gel for oily to combination skin/ sunskreen spf 6 (this was a girft with purchase)
Korres lip butter in Pomegranate
Korres blush in 22 Purple
Korres lip gloss in 23 Light Purple

Well, maybe I would have just got the blush, but I saw that if I'll buy more Korres stuff, I'll get full sized Korres moisturizer, witch I heard lots of good opinions about. So I grabbed some lip stuff, because it just looked amazing :)
The lip gloss color is a perfect combination with my new blush!
And the
pomegranate lip butter... I also herd so many good stuff about this that I had to try it out :)
So I'm very excited with my new purchase and can't wait to try it out! Only the moisturizer will have to wait until I'll finish my currently used day cream.

Ahhh... Promises not to buy make up is not for me.. :))

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