Stila "Ulta"mate set

So I was wondering, what should be my first blog post about.
Maybe something about myself? No.. Maybe some other time..
Maybe just a blurb about something? No.. That does sound a bit b

Ah, what the hell, why couldn't I just start writing what I was planning to write the whole blog about?

So maybe a week ago, I received my Stila package from http://oth.strawberrynet.com/main.aspx I like this site, because the shipping for everything except perfume is free, and from every other site shipping to my country is insane..

I got Stila's "ULTA"mate set (I think this was made for ULTA shops only, but guess what- we don't have ULTA in country where I live :)) ) Here is what you get in the set:

Illuminating tinted moisturiser- shade 01;
Major lash mascara- black;
Lip glaze- "Ulta" mate pink;
Convertible color- peony;
Eye shadows- kitten, golightly, wheat, mystic.

The convertible color and mascara are travel size, but other stuff is normal s
ize, and that cost about 15$, so great deal, huh?
And of course I've already tried most of them (leaving mascara unopened, because I have plenty of those to finish).
Swatches are washed out a bit, because of the lighting:

All shadows are shimmery especially "Kitten", but it's not too much for a day time (well not if you use shimmers everywhere). I haven't tried to make a look with "Mystic", but with other colors you can make a perfect neutral make up.
Waiting no more I rushed to order Stila's refillable palette, cause I don't want to ruin those gorgeous shadows, so I got that today (yaaay!!). And here is how looks my finished palette:


  1. Welcome to bloggers company! :)
    Nice stila shadows colours, especialy kitten :)
    Hope to hear more news from your make up searches soon! (:

  2. Yeah, I love the colors :)
    I'll try to update as much as possible ;)